FootworX - Special FX for your feet!


Record and measure your foot skills to become a better soccer player.

USA has developed a unique and innovative system to record and measure technical ball skills for players of every age and ability. There are currently 19 FootworX skills to master and test yourself on. Every time you complete the test, simply record your scores with USA and find out how skillful you are compared to other players that take the test.

Learning the skills are easy. Simply follow the test requirements for each activity and begin the path to ball mastery!

FACT: All travel teams trained by USA perform the FootworX skills at the beginning of every training session.

  • Skills will be performed in 5x5yd grids.
  • Each skill will be tested for 20 seconds.
  • Record FootworX scores on our player test sheet or complete an entire team test sheet.
  • Enter each player’s score into USA’s FootworX database to see how they compare.
  • USA recommends practicing the skills at least twice per week and testing 3 times per season.


Click here to view our NEW FootworX Training Videos.

Click here to enter your FootworX scores online.

All skills are listed below. A description of how to perform and measure the skill is available too.

If you have any questions on USA’s FootworX testing program or would like to have a professional USA coach come and test you or your team, call (732) 563-2525 or contact us.