Soccer Coaches Clinics

Coaches Soccer Clinics

“At our club we need to support coaches’ development!”

“We have the answer!  A FREE USA Coaches’ Clinic!”

United Soccer Academy offers clinics to coaches working at the Recreational  Soccer and Travel Soccer level. The aim of these coaching clinics is to improve understanding of the game and to become better coaches.  As a coach, you never stop learning!

In clubs where we are involved in Recreation Soccer or Travel Soccer Programs, one complimentary coaches clinic per season is offered. More clinics can be added at very reasonable cost. Attendees are provided with take away, custom-designed materials such as session plans and activity outlines.  

Clinics aim to stimulate thought from coaches on how to design, plan, & deliver a coaching session. It is not our aim to give you as many ideas as possible for session content but guide coaches to better understand the importance of:

  • Safety, Learning & Enjoyment
  • Setting a Theme for a Series of Sessions
  • Deciding on an Appropriate Topic
  • Setting Objectives and Session Outcomes
  • Designing and Planning the Session
  • Delivery of a Session
  • Progressing the Topic Through the Session – Warm Up, Fundamental/Technical, Game Related, Game Conditioned

The content of the clinic varies according to your requirements. Example topics for clinics include:

  • Developing Fundamental Skills for 6 to 8 year olds
  • Passing and Movement
  • Effective Wide Play
  • Shooting and Finishing
  • Defending as a Team

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