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Travel Soccer Team Training

Travel Soccer Team Training

United Soccer Academy can provide your team or entire club with qualified and experienced professional soccer coaches to train your players once or twice a week, and coach the team on game days too.  Why settle for less?  Let the professionals do the work and get proven results from trainers that are reliable, knowledgeable and passionate about coaching youth soccer.


Why hire a USA trainer for your travel team?

  • USA has a reputation for over 30 years of providing successful training to teams from NJ, NY and PA.
  • USA trainers have rigorous background checks and are hired with relevant qualifications and a history of working with children in soccer.
  • Trainer perfomance is constantly evaluated through weekly staff training sessions and on-field assessments.
  • All practice sessions are tailored to meet the goals, ambitions and specific needs of the team and each individual player.
  • USA trainers are backed by an office of full, year-round management experts to assist your club.
  • Teams hiring trainers for game days will benefit from USA’s Development Coaching Cycle:
    • Pre-match preparation.
    • Tactical support.
    • Post-match analysis for the planning of forthcoming practice sessions.
    • Written team evaluations

On average, USA trains over 145 travel teams per year, developing more than 2,000 soccer players. Become a USA partner and join the many clubs that are benefitting from USA's expertise every day!

Hire USA trainers today!
For more information and to hire a soccer trainer submit a request.
Or, PHONE: (732) 563-2525, ext. 223.

Game Day Coaching

To supplement your regular weekly training sessions, why not consider scheduling your USA trainer for game days? It’s the complete package, allowing the Developmental Coaching Cycle to be completed.

This service ensures that all players receive the right pre-game preparation, player/team game support, and post game analysis. This analysis proves invaluable in the planning of future training sessions.  This service also applies to attendance at tournament games.

Team Training Sessions

Your designated USA trainer will typically work with the team once or twice a week throughout the season, providing a progressive program of training for individual player and team development. The series of sessions delivered by USA will be age and player appropriate.

The sessions follow objectives and content outlined in USA’s Thresholds of Training curriculum, but are always modified to meet the week-to-week needs of the players and the team. Continuity is assured, with all sessions performed by the same trainer at the clubs’ desired facility.