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Soccer Camps Fire Island Pines, NY

Soccer Camps Fire Island Pines, NY & Sports Classes


Soccer sports camps in Fire Island Pines, Suffolk County, NY & year round Soccer clinics and recreation are provided by the United Soccer Academy (USA).

Fire Island Pines Summer camps and sports classes are designed for all ability levels and players aged 3-14. For more information or to register for soccer camps in the area please click on the following search which represents our current Fire Island Pines, NY summer camp & sports class offerings.

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Classic Soccer Camps:  
Traditional soccer camps offer a progressive range of camps for ages 2-19 years covering all abilities.

Specialist Soccer Camps:
Specialist camps give players an opportunity to focus on a specific area of their game.
Soccer Squirts Camps & Classes:  
An introduction to soccer for 2-8 year olds.
Parent & Me (2-3): Click here
Soccer Squirts (3-5): Click here
Senior Squirts (5-8): Click here
Team Soccer Camps:
Soccer team camps provide the best possible preparation for the upcoming season
High School Soccer Camps:  
H.S. soccer team camps guarantee each player and team will receive an extensive pre-season program.