Summer Development Soccer (SDS) Testimonials

Heres what parents have had to say about their child's experience with the USA Summer Development Soccer Program:
Coach Elliot was able to bring out the best in each player. He created a great team atmosphere and instilled a team mentality in each player. The boys achieved a lot which was surprising given they only played together this year. Coach Elliot's sessions were well planned and executed. My son really enjoyed working with Coach Elliot and improved tremendously.
Antonio Rua, U12 Juventus Parent
Tom is an excellent trainer. He has the maturity, professionalism, and knowledge to challenge any age group. Additionally his passion for the game is incredible. 
Jo Thomas, U9 Athletico Parent
Ewan was one of best coaches Ryan has had. He was able to offer specific advice to Ryan and drill both at and to do after practice that helped him this summer and will carry on with him 
Chris Whitmore, U11 Dortmund Parent
Coach Elliott was one of the best coaches ever! Jeff had a great time and learned a lot and improved! 
Jeff Osifchin, U13 Internacionale parent
Coach Anton is the best USA trainer we have had the pleasure of meeting. He was demanding in practice and trucked very little foolishness from the boys. At the same time, the boys were made to appreciate the value of the work they were doing. They grew as a team in the course of their tutelage under Coach Anton and earned better results as the season wore on. Their success and improvement must be viewed as a direct corollary to the training and guidance Coach Anton provided.
Matt Bauer, U10 Leicester parent
Coach Adam was amazing with the boys. Jack absolutely loved the program and definitely benefited from it. We look forward to next summer 
Melissa Corcoran, U9 Real parent
Ewan was very patient with the boys and had a very positive attitude who gave excellent feedback after every tournament.
Andrea Healy, U15 PSG Parent
Anton is the best USA coach we have had. Very strong. He related well with the boys but had high expectations in terms of acceptable behavior and performance level.
Wilken Bauer, U10 Leicester parent
My son's coach, Jason, was terrific! The boys (and my son) thought so highly of him. We would definitely participate in SDS next summer.
Susan Clark, parent of U14 Uruguay player
My son maintained and developed his skills under Martyn's leadership. Thanks for a great summer session.
Angel Eimer, parent of U13 Brazil player
We appreciate the exceptional level of strategic coaching Michael experienced by playing with this team this summer. He has grown as an improving, skilled player. 
Roseann Giuliano, parent of U10 Netherlands player
All of those girls had big smiles on their faces on that last day of the tournament even though they lost. That says a lot about the coaching.
Jessica Walsh, parent of U9 Italy player
Coach Tom was fantastic! He worked really well with the kids. He communicated with them in a very positive and effective manner!
Mary Frese, parent of U8 Chile player
We had an excellent experience with this team!!
Liz Allocco, parent of U10G United player 
Coach Dave did a great job with the girls! Each one of the girls gained so much from the 6 weeks program. I noticed my daughter would consciously think what to do with the ball (whether to pass, shoot or carry) as its approaching her. I also enjoyed seeing them act as a team, as they started to gel game-after-game.
Erwin Ruiz, parent of U10G Milan player 
This was Natalie's first year playing SDS and she really enjoyed it and loved working with Mark Lowdon. He has a great rapport with the kids.
Kristine Curtiss, parent of U11G Spurs player 
I wanted to send a note about Laurence - my daughter has had the privilege to be coached by him the past two summers. Aside from the fact that he is very knowledgeable about the game and has great coaching skills, he is just a great person. He cared about the girls , made it fun and is a pleasure to work with.
Kathleen Jonovich, parent of U12G Barcelona player 
I was very pleased with how quickly the boys came together as a team and played well together from the first tournament onward. My son had a great time this summer and looked forward to going to the practices and tournaments. He continually developed his knowledge of the game, how to attack and defend as a team throughout the summer. He also developed good friendships with several of his teammates.
Tom Naiman, parent of U14B Schalke player 
The parents and players loved our Coach Jason! He was passionate, dedicated, patient, fun, skilled and overall COOL! The boys loved him. Many thanks Coach Jason!
Andrea D' Elia, parent of U16B Porto player 
Coach Dave was phenomenal. Both Ryan and I really enjoyed his approach to coaching. I along with several parents loved how he managed the boys. If USA had year-long club teams i would consider sticking with USA all year. If at all possible I want to continue with Dave next season.
C. Whitmore, parent of U8B Dortmund player 
I wish Coach Tom could come train Jake's Fall and Spring travel team in Cranford, NJ! He was extremely motivational, positive and truly wonderful with the boys! Thanks for a great summer of Soccer!
Amy Icklan, parent of U9B Juventus player 
Mark did a great job with the girls. My daughter really responded to him and had a lot of fun with a group of girls that he had never met before.
Jay Woods, parent of U9G Madrid player