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Soccer squirts reviewsSoccer Squirts Reviews

United Soccer Academy has been providing quality Soccer Squirts camps and classes to communities for years. We strive to offer the best introductory soccer programs for children aged 2-8 in a safe and structured environment. We are confident that we offer your child and community the best soccer experience possible.

But don't just take our word for it. We get hundreds of reviews every year; read below to see what some parents are saying about Soccer Squirts!

 “This is the best program. The coaches are wonderful. They are interesting, fun, patient, and enthusiastic. We love the program. We hope to do more programs with you!”

“I feel that the program is very well organized and professional. My son really loves his two coaches Dennis and Ryan. They are great with the children and are able to keep them engaged the entire 60 minutes, which is not easy with 3-5 year olds! Keep up the great work!”

“Coaches Matt & Kyle are excellent with the children and provide a fun class where the children are learning the basics of soccer. They do a wonderful job teaching and make the class engaging and interesting. Thanks!”

“Great coaching! We continue to love your program! Our daughter has improved so much with each soccer session. You make learning the game great fun!”

“I am very pleased with the professionalism and organization of the program.” 

“Coach Matt was great! He was fun and encouraging- my son was quite shy the first few sessions and Matt was really patient with him and he ended up having a great time!”

“All of the games were quick, interesting, and fun. She loved the coaches and that she didn't spend time standing around!”

“My daughter definitely progressed in this program. The coaches were able to break her timid side and her confidence increased week to week.

“The coaches had a wonderful way to teach children this age. My son loved the entire program!

“Coach Donna was one of our favorites! She motivated my children, kept them interested and was kind to them. She was the best!!!!”

“I've done a lot of these programs and my little boy always really likes them but these coaches were particularly AWESOME! The best ever. They were so great with the kids and also so unbelievably attentive to each child. I was blown away. All the kids loved it.

“The coach was excellent with the children. He was very patient & kept the kids engaged & having a lot of fun.”

He really loved the games and I could tell he enjoyed how Coach Anna related their activities to things/games he loved and understood”

My kids loved the coaches, who were amazing with the kids and had the patience of saints.”

“Soccer with Curtis was absolutely the best. Curtis paid attention to each child, their level and their amount of interest. Our kids came away loving the idea of learning soccer.

“Everything. My daughter really enjoyed all the games Coach Hannah set up to get them to practice their footwork. She also enjoyed the water breaks and just being part of a team.”  

"The coaches were great with the kids. They were very welcoming and made each kid feel comfortable."

"The coaches were both so great. They had lots of energy and came up with games that were fun for the kids while still teaching skills."

"My favorite part was how well the coach interacted with the children. It was refreshing to see them working together and the kids listening and being receptive to the coaching. My son and I loved his coach!"

"My son loved the program and I thought that the coaches did a great job encouraging the kids to have fun. The coaches were probably the best part. 2 year olds can be so hit or miss, but I really think they did an excellent job trying to engage them."

"Coach Joe was a great teacher but more importantly was able to get the kids to have fun and enjoy being there. The first week my son was scared to be his own and by the end he was always excited to go to class so I appreciate coach Joe's efforts."

"My favorite parts of the program were that the coaches played with the kids (pretending to sleep while kids were "stealing" soccer balls), the way coaches engaged kids to participate, lots of fun and laughter; couldn't imagine it to be done better."

"The coaches were great. You could tell they really enjoyed helping the kids learn the rules while making it fun. They built in skills like teamwork & good sportsmanship which was really fun to watch from the sidelines. You see your kids grow & develop socially & physically week after week and it was really all from the outstanding coaching."

"My son really enjoyed learning soccer basics. Coach Dan and Coach Megan were both fantastic!"

"He has been hesitant to participate in organized activities but LOVED this program and especially loved Coach Adam.  Great program."