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Our Soccer Squirts program introduces both boys and girls, between the ages of 2 & 8, to the wonderful world of soccer.

All our preschool Soccer Squirts programs are specifically constructed to actively develop balance & movement, enhance communication skills and social interaction, as well as being highly enjoyable for both the children and the coaches alike. Over the course of the classes, your preschooler or kindergartner will learn how to move with the soccer ball, change direction & speed, pass & control the soccer ball, and of course, score plenty of goals!

We have devised an age appropriate, preschool soccer specific curriculum that will introduce your child into the world of soccer through a range of activities and fun based games designed to stimulate a child's imagination and develop basic motor skills that are essential for playing soccer.

Each session is staffed by enthusiastic, professional coaches trained specifically to engage and motivate children in the preschool and kindergarten grades, ensuring that they are learning the basic principles of soccer, as well as enjoying the game in a safe and fun environment. We pride ourselves on providing Soccer Squirts sessions which promote the FUNdamentals of soccer!

Preschool Soccer Squirts classes and Preschool Soccer Squirts camps are currently available in NJ, NY, PA, & CT.

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