Soccer Session Plans


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The United Soccer Academy philosophy is to inspire players of all ages and ability levels through our extensive, targeted curricula.  As Soccer Education Specialists, we pride ourselves in offering individual player development in a structured, enjoyable and safe learning environment.

The following soccer session plans are easy to follow and FREE to download. We encourage you to share them as long as full credit is given to United Soccer Academy.  Session Plans may not be reproduced without expressed written consent.

Every session includes a warm up, a fundamental and individual skill, a game related group game, finishing with an unconditional game (scrimmage). We believe that through our Thresholds of Training, our sessions are second to none and have proven results.


Ball Control

Dribbling, turns & moves


Crossing & Finishing



Receiving & Control
Receiving the ball on the ground
Soccer ball mastery: Attacking (2v1)
Soccer ball mastery: Changing Direction
Soccer ball mastery: Creative Play
Soccer ball mastery: turns & moves 1
Soccer ball mastery: turns & moves 2

Crossing, finishing & overlapping runs Defending 2v2

Developmental Fours



Introduction to Developmental Fours
Developmental Fours Curriculum

Introduction to shooting & goalkeeping

Introduction to short passing
Passing (Penetration)
Passing (Possession)
Passing (Switch of Play)

Physical Preparation

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

Recreational Soccer

Curriculum based training


An Introduction to Physical Preparation
Physical Preparation Curriculum
Dynamic Flexibility
Recreational Training ages 5-8
Recreational Training ages 7-10
Recreational Training ages 9-12
Crossing, finishing & overlapping runs
Introduction to shooting & goalkeeping
Shooting (Accuracy)
Shooting (Power)

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