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Soccer Private Lessons & Small Group Training

Private Soccer Lessons & Small Group Training

It takes countless hours of deliberate practice to become a top class athlete in any sports discipline.

We at United Soccer Academy can accelerate players learning through our individual & small group training program.  The purpose of this very specialized training program is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of the game which would be difficult to teach in a large team environment.

Are you a player, parent or coach? 
Read the appropriate box below and if you decide private training is for you, please call (732) 563-2525 to request more information, or click here to fill out a private lesson request form. 

I am a player...

Do you worry about your first touch? Have you ever been scared of trying to make that long pass or not taken a shot because it was on your weaker foot? Every player has areas of his or her game that need work. USA now offers the perfect environment to identify and develop these areas. One of our professional coaches will work on the specific skills that you think are important to improve your game in an individualized, one-on-one environment.

Whether you have a try-out coming up, are just looking for general development or have an important game on the horizon; the USA private training program will improve both your confidence and your game.

I am a parent...

Ever wondered why some players are capable of things that others cannot achieve? There's no secret that practice makes perfect. Our individual training programs and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate player’s improvement faster than regular practices.

Individual programs give trainers more opportunities to correct technical imperfections and help your child understand where and how these techniques can be implemented in a game situation.

I am a Team Coach...


  • Do you wish your players were technically better?
  • Do you wish your players were more accurate with their passing or shooting?
  • Would you like them to be more dynamic when dribbling or running with the ball?
  • Would you like players who can control the ball more consistently?
  • Do you find it hard to complete keeper training as part of your weekly training program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our individual training program is ideal for your players. One of our professional coaches will work on specific targets with attention to detail that can not be achieved in a large group practice. The learning curve of the players will be accelerated and skills will become autonomous, completed on instinct rather than on command.

Parent Feedback

“You should know that he had his best game yesterday. Your work with him has really helped his confidence and we hope he can continue with you in the fall.” – Wes Macawili U9 Child’s Father

“He liked the lesson, I loved it! It's just what Jake needs.” – Erica Brennan U8 Child’s Mother

“I just wanted to thank you because it is really awesome to see that Madeline is gaining more and more confidence in herself and it is very noticeable when she is practicing with her team.  I hope we can work out the schedules for spring as I know your training is making a huge difference.” – Janine Younger U9 Child’s Mother

“by the way she is really loving your classes – we have taken some at other facilities and I don’t see her as excited about them” – Amy Markovitch U11 Child’s Mother

Should I choose Private or Small Group?

Select between Private Lessons for one player only or Small Group Training for 2-4 Players. Not sure which one is for you? It really depends what you want to work on. If you have very specific training goals then the Private Lessons are the way forward; if you're looking for overall development but with more individual attention then Group Lessons will work for you too.

Private lessons allow the trainer to concentrate on the specific demands of the individual player.  Within the Small Group training environment all players must obviously focus on the same theme making it slightly less player specific than the Private Lessons.  However, Small Group Training is still very beneficial in comparison to regular team training sessions and also more cost effective than Private Lessons.

What can I work on?


Players have the option of receiving instruction in any of the following areas or designating their own specific areas of need. It should be noted that the more themes selected by the player, the less focused the training will be in each area. Typical training themes include: Shooting; Passing, Goal-keeping, Control, Ball Familiarization, Dribbling, Running with the Ball and Speed, Agility & Quickness.

In all cases our trainers will complete a player profile to identify the current abilities of the player in a variety of disciplines. This can either be done by a game-day observation or by discussions between the player, parent and trainer.  The profile is completed in order that we can tailor the sessions to meet the specific needs of the player and to review the progress made throughout the program.





Private Lesson Packages - 1 Player Only
Package Type Total Cost Per Hour
Platinum Package: 10+ Sessions Various $85
Gold Package: 8 Sessions $720 $90
Silver Package: 6 Sessions $570 $95
Foundation Package: 4 Sessions $400 $100
Individual Sessions: 1, 2 or 3 Various $110


Small Group Training Packages - 2 to 4 Players
Package Type Total Cost Per Hour
Platinum Package: 10+ Sessions Various $99
Gold Package: 8 Sessions $872 $109
Silver Package: 6 Sessions $714 $119
Foundation Package: 4 Sessions $516 $129
Individual Sessions: 1, 2 or 3 Various $139

Location & Booking?


You have two location options:

1. Book private lessons at our Indoor Technical Training Center in Somerset County, NJ.
2. Provide your own location for the sessions.  We can advise you on appropriate sites.

To discuss your Private Lesson options or to book now, please contact our office at: (732) 563-2531




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