Soccer Tryouts

“Our club tryouts seem to cause one headache after another!”

Take that pain away! Let USA be responsible for planning, administering and selection.

Allow United Soccer Academy to remove the administrative and political headache from a club's tryout season. It’s easy! Schedule your tryouts with USA and we will take care of the administration and selection processes.

Player selections will be made through carefully structured activities and small sided games. Ranking is achieved in the most unbiased and objective way and, with no involvement of club officials.  As a result, there is no suggestion of bias.

Many clubs have special rules for tryouts, with guidelines that govern the selection of the teams. We work with you to ensure that all such club procedures are followed. USA can run your entire tryout process from top to bottom or simply work as evaluators within your current tryout structure.

Your USA Regional Director is always on hand to discuss aspects of your tryouts or suggest certain procedures and methods if you are seeking advice. We’ve been around conducting tryouts for over 20 years, so let our experience and knowledge give you a smooth ride through the tryout season.

How to book tryouts with USA?

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