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"I have had the opportunity to work with United Soccer Academy for many years now and have always been impressed with the professionalism and positivity of all trainers and staff at USA.  I've also noticed that all the trainers that we have worked with are always punctual and always seem to give more time to our sessions than the scheduled 1 hour."
(Summit Recreation Soccer, Christina Mahoney)

Recreation Training relates to the various recreational, in-town, intramural and instructional programs that are run by clubs throughout NJ, NY and PA. These programs typically cater for grades pre-K through 8.  USA can provide qualified and experienced professionals to train your recreational players for maximum participation, development and enjoyment of soccer regardless of age and ability.  USA can provide trainers based on the current needs of your program or design and implement the entire program for your organization based on our extensive knowledge and experience.

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Why hire USA trainers for your recreation program?

  • USA is unmatched in its training of Grassroots Soccer, developing more than 4,000 kids every year!
  • USA can accommodate entire club recreation programs in excess of 1,000 players, ensuring quality and consistency for the whole season.
  • USA trainers are rigorously screened with background checks and references prior to employment.
  • USA will design a customized curriculum for every age group in your program that covers weekly topics and objectives.
  • USA trainers provide opportunities for players to experience highly professional coaching in a developmental environment.
  • Players learn the fundamental skills, techniques and tactics of soccer through innovative fun games and structured game-related activities.
  • USA trainers develop individuals in both a soccer sense and a wider social context.
  • USA delivers complimentary coaching clinics to educate and support your volunteer coaches.
  • USA provides free online curricula and structured session plans.
  • USA trainers prepare players for Development Academy and Travel Team soccer opportunities.
  • USA trainers help your club build a sense of community identity and affiliation amongst young people.


Become a USA partner and join the many organizations that are benefitting from USA’s expertise every day!

If your soccer organization is looking for training programs for grades pre-K through 8 at an efficient cost per player, please contact us today to hire professional USA trainers.

Typical 3rd & 4th Grade Curriculum

Children learn the fundamentals of soccer through a program of structured activities and games. Our programs are fun-based & developmentally innovative.

Typical 8 Week Practice Program

Week 1: Dribbling.
Week 2: Ball Mastery.
Week 3: Passing.
Week 4: Receiving & Control.
Week 5: Introduction to Attacking.
Week 6: Introduction to Defending.
Week 7: Finishing Formulas.
Week 8: World Cup small-sided games.


Coaches Clinic

At USA, our trainers believe in helping coaches working at the recreational level to improve their understanding of the game and become better coaches.  As a coach, you never stop learning!

Before the season, USA will deliver a coaches clinic designed to outline objectives and cover a range of the coaching activities that will be covered with the players during the season. These clinics typically last for 1 to 2 hours and participants will receive appropriate documentation to help them throughout the season.  This pre-season coaches clinic is typically provided as a complimentary component of our services.  Further clinics can be scheduled if desired.

In addition to the initial coaches clinic, USA’s service to your organization includes ongoing support to coaches with online curricula and session plans.  We highly recommend that recreation level coaches join us as assistant coaches as we deliver the program to their players; this provides on-going coach education and development throughout the season.

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