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Soccer 1-on-1 Camps

1 on 1 Soccer Camps

Ever wondered why some players are capable of things that others cannot achieve? There's no secret that practice makes perfect. Our individual training camps and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate a player’s improvement faster than regular practices.

Individual camps give trainers more opportunities to correct technical imperfections and help players understand where and how these techniques can be implemented in a game situation.

1 on 1 training improves more than just technique. It can change a players confidence and enjoyment of the game. Young players often worry about their first touch and can be scared of trying to make a long pass or taking a shot because it is on their weaker foot. Every player has specific areas of his or her game that needs improvement. USA now offers the perfect environment to identify and develop these areas.  

There are five easy steps to enjoy a soccer training camp that is actually made just for you:
1. Decide that the 1 on 1 camp is the right choice for you!
2. Choose which camp you wish to attend. Click here for camp locations.
3. Book your sessions. To secure your camp, simply add to your cart and checkout…it’s that easy!
4. Select the content of your camp. Once you have booked your camp we'll work with you to design the perfect camp.
5. Enjoy a week of the best soccer instruction, knowing that every day is making you a better player!

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