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Team Soccer Camps

Preseason Team Camps

The success of your team’s fall season depends largely on your pre-season preparation. Get ahead of the competition with a customized pre-season team camp professionally staffed by United Soccer Academy!

Team managers can choose the areas that they would like the trainer to concentrate on by selecting their importance on the USA Advanced Curriculum Guide. Your USA trainer will work closely with you to ensure that the summer team camp is specialized to the individual needs of your team.

We are confident that the quality of this team camp will meet and exceed players and coaches expectations. For those of you attending our team camp for the first time, we believe you will find it to be the most comprehensive team camp available.

Team Soccer Camp options:

  • 1. Individual Team Camps - We come to your site.
  • 2. Regular Team Camps - Your team attends any USA camp site.
  • 3. Multi-Team Camps - Multiple teams attend one site.

Questions? Contact us at (732) 563-2520 or fill out our service questionnaire here OR submit a request to hire a soccer trainer and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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