Physical Preparation for Soccer: Reaction

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Reaction time is the interval between the onset of a signal (stimulus) and the initiation of a movement response. This physical component can be broken down into three key parts. The first is perception time: the time for the application and perception of the stimulus and giving the necessary reaction to it. The second is decision time, which signifies the time for giving an appropriate response to the stimulus. The third is motor time, which is the time for compliance to the order received.

Since soccer requires 1-3 second explosive sprints, the importance of reaction time becomes absolutely critical to the performance of all players. Therefore, as speed and reaction are the important biomotor characteristics required for participation in soccer, it is essential that reactive speed is developed through the physical conditioning of muscles.

Physical Preparation Components

United Soccer Academy’s Physical Preparation program consists of 8 key components:

Speed Agility Quickness Reaction Strength Power Plyometrics Dynamic Flexibility

Click here to download the Physical Preparation Curriculum.

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