Physical Preparation for Soccer: Power

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In addition to speed and technique, soccer players require high levels of power to compete with the physical demands of the game. Power is a produce of absolute strength and speed of movement. Therefore, having powerful legs not only allows players to kick the ball harder but also improves acceleration and ability to compete for the ball in 1v1 scenarios (on both the ground and in the air). To perform to the best of their ability, players must follow an individually tailored soccer-specific power development program.

A power development program enables players’ to apply the greatest amount of maximal strength in the shortest possible time frame. This is crucial for soccer as most activities involves faster movements and higher power outputs than are found in maximal strength exercises. A soccer player can be exceptionally strong but lack significant explosive power if they are unable to apply their strength rapidly. United Soccer Academy’s Physical Preparation program can be used to convert maximal strength into soccer-specific power.

Physical Preparation Components

United Soccer Academy’s Physical Preparation program consists of 8 key components:

Speed Agility Quickness Reaction Strength Power Plyometrics Dynamic Flexibility

Click here to download the Physical Preparation Curriculum.

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